Writing the copy

It maybe that you have answers to most of the questions users have. In that case, by all means, reuse content you already have. Sure, it may need rewriting to more directly address the question, but you have done most of the hard work.

But you will also spot gaps. Places where a user is asking a question that you don’t have copy to answer. This is where you will have to write fresh content. These questions also show the problem with a copy first approach. In the old model they would have remained unanswered.

Finally there is a more subtle problem that needs addressing. For some questions that you have identified the answer will be, “it depends”. Keep an eye out for these questions because they often lead to confusing answers.

In such situations ask yourself, “what is the most common answer?” This should be front and centre in your copy.

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A Complete Guide and Checklist

One of the hardest lessons of website copywriting is that just because you can write well for other mediums does not mean you can write well for the web.

In this guide, I attempt to outline why that is the case and how you will need to approach website copywriting differently.

If you find this guide useful and want to make it available to your team, clients or stakeholders, you are welcome to republish it. I only ask that you link back to this page if you do so.


  • Why Website Copywriting Is Different
  • Is Your Content Suitable for the Web?
  • Website Copywriting Considerations
  • Structuring Your Website Content
  • Ensuring People Understand and Remember Your Website Copy
  • Website Copywriting and SEO
  • Website Copywriting is An Enormous Undertaking.

We begin by looking at how writing website copy is different from writing business, academic or even offline marketing copy.

Check the full guide here: Website Copywriting: A Complete Guide and Checklist of Best Practice

7 ways to craft compelling web copy

A good copywriter knows how to write engaging, compelling copy. Copy that nudges users into taking action. They won’t only communicate information about your brand. They will make users want your brand.

Still not convinced? Still think you can sit down and knock out some decent web copy? Well here are seven things you will need to become expert at if you want to be a great website copywriter.


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