Our digital world is overloaded with crappy products and services. Some of them start with a good idea, but end up with a poor UX, design and implementation. Some of them look cool, but focus on solutions that nobody needs. Why can’t we do everything properly and build something that helps people be better, do better, work better, feel better?

There are many pretty images on Behance, Dribble and other creative networks. But what is the story behind these images? Is there anything besides “looks awesome” and “nice work”? Many works do look great, but we are here not to look great, we are here to do something meaningful, useful, usable, accessible. Something that can solve problems and create a better experience for people. Not only in digital, but in real life.

UX specialists should take responsibility and direct clients to what is right, what has been tested and examined by professionals. We should never underestimate the importance of user research, user testing, data analysis, information architecture, psychology and all the smallest details that can help us solve problems together. Problems of products and problems of people. Yes, people, not users.

Building products that nobody needs is a perversion. Designing by guess, with no user experience in mind, is a crime. We have the privilege to change this. We have the privilege to make people’s lives better. We have to fight for good products. This is our mission. This is our UX war for a better future.

No need - no build

If nobody needs it, then don't build it

Do not build products by guess. If you have any idea for a new feature, just try to see what problem it solves. If you are not solving any particular problem, you are most likely making the product worse. Every product starts with a problem. Every feature should start with a problem. Do some research. Talk to people. You are building for them. If they do not need your idea, then forget about it. Remember: if nobody needs it, then don’t build it.